Do you go through the drive-through because you’re afraid someone will see you? Do you leave your car windows open after chowing down so the lingering smell doesn’t give you away? If so, it’s okay. We understand. It’s a fast world and you need food, fast! But, consider these ways to make fast food cater to your taste buds, wallet and health!

Take away toppings. That salad or baked potato seems healthy, but when it’s fully loaded? Go burger or go home. Top the salad with a little lite dressing and trade bad fat (nacho cheese ) for good fat (guacamole).

Curtail the condiments. One tablespoon of mayonnaise has a whopping 94 calories and 10 grams of fat! Mayo-nasty! Go for more savory condiments like salsa or mustard.

Switch the sides. Those fries/onion rings/tater tots/potato chips are seriously calling your name. Move on to something healthier like fruit, yogurt, a side salad or baked chips. If you’re not ready to part ways with your BFF (Best Fried Friend), order the small size and share!

Go for grilled. Fried and breaded foods add fat and calories that could be easily avoided by going grilled. That means you, chicken nuggets—see ya!

Dodge the drinks. Sodas and shakes? Tasty, but terrible for you. Water is the best choice, but if you need a little sumpin’ extra, go for unsweetened tea, coffee or skim milk.

Bypass the bread. Bun-less burgers and sandwiches are still delicious and burrito bowls make up for in content what they lack in tortilla.

Waive the white. If you need bread, go with the grain. Choose whole-wheat or multigrain bread, wraps or pasta, brown rice or a sweet potato—you get more nutrients, protein and fiber!

Shirk the super-size. Every fast-food restaurant offers you big, bigger and biggest. Steer toward the smallest size and your waistline will follow the same track.

Cut out combos. Just because they are all that’s featured on the board doesn’t mean you can’t get just the sandwich. Ask.

Pile on the produce. This is your moment to indulge. Load. It. Up. Burgers taste better with that thick-lettuce crunch, crisp onion and juicy tomato. Try it!

Look for light options. Healthy eating is super trendy right now, even at fast food joints. Healthier fast food fare is out there!

Think thin. Crust, that is. Thin-crust pizzas with veggies and leaner meats give you that comfort food fix with fewer carbs and fat.

Ditch the dessert. It’s easy to justify an inexpensive treat, but save those calories for low-cal homemade desserts, not frozen fast food options.

Hunt for hidden items. Popular menu items are rarely the healthiest, but they’re advertised the most. With a little research and a few questions, you’ll find healthy alternatives.