Pros and Cons of Juicing

Pros and Cons of Juicing YOUR MAIN SQUEEZE What Juicing Can (and can't) Do for Your Health Yep, we've all been told it's important to eat our veggies. But what about drinking them? Move over, munching, juicing is here. Juicing is great to get your daily allotment of veggies. And, of course, it's healthy. It's made from veggies, after all. But it's no magical weight-loss solution and it's not for everyone. Juicing for [...]

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Gluten-Free Baked Berry French Toast

Courtesy - WHOLE FOODS MARKET GLUTEN-FREE BAKED BERRY FRENCH TOAST Recipe Serves 6 Ingredients Canola spray oil 6 slices GlutenFree Bakehouse Light White Sandwich Bread, toasted 2 cups mixed berries, such as blueberries and sliced strawberries 5 eggs 1 cup lowfat milk 1⁄2 cup 365 Everyday Value Organic Maple Syrup 1 teaspoon grated nutmeg Instructions Preheat oven to 350°F. Oil an 8-inch baking pan and line with bread, overlapping slices and pressing [...]

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